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BadLib Cosmetics

About BadLib Cosmetics

Owner: Asia B (Twitter: asialbx)

BadLib Cosmetics (formally known as "Mommy Cosmetics") has been active since 08/09/2016 and is based out of the Bay Area, CA. BadLib Cosmetics expands by the day, new ideas are coming to life and we try to keep it as exciting and ever-growing as possible!

Dermatitis conditions are very important to us. Our goal is to promote "body love" and create products safe enough for all skin types. We are mindful of cross contamination and the importance of NOT letting certain ingredients get into certain orders.

(If an item you are interested in has an allergen, you can contact us at asiabcosmetics@aol.com or DM @badlibcosmetics on twitter to customize an order fit to your needs!)